Emperor’s Gold Black Tea -3.5oz Tin


Emperor’s Gold brings together the best qualities of Chinese black tea – a smooth, amber-colored brew with rich flavor and hints of natural sweetness. This flavor will hold for multiple infusions.

The golden color emerges during processing, after accurate withering (drying) of the leaves, but only certain tea plant varietals produce this effect.

Known as Jin Cha (gold tea), this tea originates on the far southwestern edge of Yunnan, near China’s border with Myanmar (Burma). Yunnan is regarded as one of the areas for the Genesis of tea. The Southern part of this province is home to the Mekong and Lancang river basins and for the famous Puer category of teas. It is also the native home of the ‘Da Ye’, broad leaf tea varietal, which provides unique flavor profiles. The central and northern part of Yunnan are home to primarily darker teas, also known as Dian Hong.

Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves.

Loose leaf, 3.5 ounce tin.