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Plant of the Week: Star Jasmine

For this week’s Plant of the Week, I selected Star Jasmine for its delicious scent and versatility. Scientifically known as Trachelospermum Jasminoides, Star Jasmine is actually not a true jasmine, although the flowers are almost identical. Star Jasmine is a vining plant which can be grown on pretty much anything you want to grow it on, hence its versatility.

With supports, Star Jasmine can reach up to 30 feet tall, but can stay at 2 inches for ground cover if that is what you would like. Since it is a twinning vine, you will need to train it and attach it at the start if you wish to grow it tall. Star Jasmine is a pretty hardy plant, as it can survive in temperatures down to 10°F (-12°C), and can adapt well to heat as well as cold.

Care for Star Jasmine is also quite easy. Unless you are training it to grow in a specific way, which you will need to pay attention to and guide, it can do fine with just a weekly water. Like most plants, Star Jasmine will need more frequent water in hotter months, perhaps twice a week instead of weekly, and less frequent watering in the colder months, closer to every two weeks. If you are trying to train it to grow a specific way, the best time to prune is right after flowering. And, just a warning, it does ooze out sap when it is cut. If you would like to check out the beautiful Star Jasmine for yourself, head on down to the store and we would be happy to show you where they are! Hope to see you soon.


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Back In Stock!



Next time you visit the jewelry counter, you will find a rich variety of beautifully fused glass pieces by local Salem artist Robert Fox. Heart pendants in every swirly color, twisty pendants in the shape of a cocoon (or small sea shell, depending on your perspective), and unique teardrop earrings. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, handmade by the artist.

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Fresh Flowers


It’s summer, flowers are blooming in the McMinnville Community Garden and you’ll find them here at Incahoots, freshly cut and ready for your vases. This year, Leah has the fun of picking the flowers and has been bringing back a nice amount each week. But with the warmer weather, the plants are taking off and there will be a steady supply of fresh sunflowers, statice, love-lies-bleeding, zinnias, purple majesty millet and many others for weeks to come.

The photo is of a bed of celosia that has just reached the harvesting stage.

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Tea of the Week: Hibiscus Teas

For this week, as a continuation of last week’s Plant of the Week, we are featuring our variety of hibiscus teas. We have many different types of hibiscus teas here at Incahoots, ranging from pure hibiscus to wonderful mixes of hibiscus and fruits. Some of the hibiscus teas that are available for your purchase include natural hibiscus, vanilla apple hibiscus, strawberry hibiscus, raspberry rose hibiscus, and blueberry hibiscus. We also sell organic Hibiscus Ginger, which actually has already been featured as a Tea of the Week (which you can read about by clicking here).


Hibiscus tea is also known as Agua de Jamaica, and it has a ton of health benefits. It can help treat high blood pressure and cholesterol, help with digestion, and reduce the risk of cancer. It is also beneficial in weight loss, as it can speed up the metabolism. Furthermore, it is rich in Vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants, and can help in the treatment of hypertension and anxiety.


This tea is described as having a sour taste, similar to that of a cranberry. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold. (I would recommend drinking it iced. It is very refreshing.) We will be happy to brew up some hibiscus tea for you down here at the store, and you can also buy most of the flavors in a tin, the exception being Hibiscus Ginger, which we sell in bulk for $28 a pound!

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Plant of the Week: Hibiscus

For this week’s Plant of the Week, Janet suggested the beautiful Hibiscus flower. Hibiscus is a genus of plants that includes 679 different species all with large, trumpet-like flowers that come in a variety of colors. The hibiscus pictured in this post is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, which produces stunning vibrant red flower.

Since there are so many species of Hibiscus, each one needs a bit different care, which you can ask us about when purchasing a specific one. Overall, Hibiscus flourishes in 60-90°F (16-32°C) weather, and cannot survive in temperatures below 32°F (0°C). In the blooming stage, hibiscus requires a lot of water. This can look like daily watering in warmer weathers. However, make sure to not over water your hibiscus in colder weather. In the winter, your hibiscus should only need to be watered when the soil is dry to touch. Too much water could kill it.

Here at the store we not only carry lots of wonderful hibiscus plants for you to purchase, but also a selection of hibiscus flower teas. We have a variety of hibiscus teas that we would be happy to brew for you. If you would like to learn more about hibiscus tea, check out our Tea of the Week article coming up on Tuesday!







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“She Inspires”

SheInspriesLooking for a unique gift for a woman in your life who inspires those around her? New in the shop you will find a beautiful line of metal tokens and 3″x 5″ metal pinboard art for just that person. “She Inspires” is a collection of empowering words for all of us. Each limited edition token was designed by artisan metalsmith, Kris Lanae Binsfeld. Tokens are perfect for a purse or pocket and pinboards can be displayed on a stand or hang from an attached ribbon.

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Fairy Festival Upcoming!


You’ll be enchanted with the changes being planned for this year’s Fairy Festival. Rain and Janet have been busy working on the schedule and in addition to everyone’s favorite fairy activities they will be adding some new fun – there will even be an evening of live music!

I’ll be sharing more details as they are decided, but for now, mark your calendar (with glitter perhaps?) for the second week of August.

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Tea of the Week: Grand Qimen

Since I have picked a few of the more exciting and elaborate teas for the past couple weeks, I figured we should go back to basics with this Tea of the Week. Originating from the Yunnan Province, Grand Qimen (also known as Keemun) is a pure and unblended black tea that is often considered the premier black tea from China. This tea is made from the small leave tips of the tea leaf, and it has a full-bodied and sweet flavor. This tea is delicious both plain, and with a splash of milk of your choosing.

This tasty tea is not only good for your taste buds, but also for your health. Grand Qimen has many benefits due to the caffeine and other chemical components of black tea, such as being energizing, enhancing your memory and helping to eliminate fatigue. Black teas are also known to boost immunity.

If you would like to try some Grand Qimen for yourself you can stop by the store and have us brew you a cup, or buy the leaves for $36 a pound.

Fun Fact!: Grand Qimen is the most widely used black tea in English Breakfast blends.


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Plant of the Week: Lavender

This week I chose one of my favorite flowers for our plant of the week. Lavender holds a very special place in all of our hearts here at Incahoots since we used to host an annual Lavender Festival. Even though we no longer have this festivity, lavender has still is significant to our store. Every summer we sell delicious Lavender Lemonade, which you can come buy a glass of for $2. (I guarantee you’ll love it!)

Lavandula, commonly known as lavender, is a genus of 47 known species which are surprisingly a part of the mint family. Lavender produces beautiful purple flowers that smell amazing and is used as decoration as well as in culinary endeavors. We offer many different types of lavender plants here at Incahoots as well as dried bouquets of lavender. You’ll find many other lavender products as well, such as candles and lotions. Come on down and look around for all of our many lavender products that we’re sure you’ll love. You can even drink a glass of lavender lemonade while doing so! Hope to see you here at the store soon.





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New Gifts from Kelly Rae Roberts



Kindness, Courage, Friendship and Wisdom are featured in NEW inspirational gift sets by Artist Kelly Rae Roberts. “Manifesto Books” celebrate a theme on every colorful page, and include a magnetic post card with matching artwork. Boxed Card Sets feature a wooden display stand and set of six unique art cards with uplifting messages. The 4 x 6 cards can be rotated on display or dropped in the mail. The stand can also double as a display for a favorite photo.