Shopping is all about asking yourself the right questions.

ShoppingSometimes we overhear customers agonizing over gift selections and because we love to be helpful – here are a few examples of how to make the most of your purchasing process:

Instead of asking, “Who really needs a chipmunk shaped door-stop?” Ask, “Who doesn’t need an adorable forest friend cast in iron, and how many should I get for my own home?”

Instead of questioning, “Where would they put that beautiful glass ball?” Wonder, “How many hours of calming meditative peace will this unique piece of art inspire?”

Instead of debating, “Which tin of tea should I choose?” Discover, “How many different samples of bulk tea can I fit in this fun basket?”

Instead of worrying, “Is it silly to buy this ridiculously soft, huggable giraffe?” Ponder, “Would this giraffe rather go home with the squishy hedgehog, floppy bunny, or fluffy Pekingese?”

And as always, if you are stuck on a question, our savvy staff is happy to assist you!

Open House at the McMinnville Community Garden

GardenHere’s an idea for a fun morning outing: The McMinnville Community Garden is hosting an Open House this Saturday, July 28th from 9:00 a.m. until noon.

You can get information on raised bed and organic gardening, and take a guided tour of the 230 raised beds in the garden. Starting at 10:00 a.m., OSU Master Gardeners will be offering a plant clinic, there will be beverages and snacks, and beginning at 10:30 a.m. Janet (of Incahoots fame) will be demonstrating ideas for how to arrange all those fresh summer flowers.

The garden is located at 325 NE Burnett Road in McMinnville. Admission and parking are free and there will also be a silent auction of priceless gardening tool & art.

Another Fairy Garden Contest?

I hope you’re planning on entering our Fairy Garden Contest this year which is coming up in just about two weeks.

But did you know the Yamhill County Fair also has a Fairy Garden contest? It’s conveniently scheduled for the week before the Incahoots contest so you have an extra opportunity to show off your creativity (and maybe win a prize). We have a stack of Exhibitor Handbooks with all the contest details (such as, entries need to be dropped off next Tuesday, July 31st!), so stop by and pick one up soon.

Plant of the Week: Buddhist Pine

I feel like I don’t give our shrubs enough love, so this week’s plant of the week is the Buddhist Pine! Originating from China and Japan, this evergreen shrub has long, dark, leathery leaves. It will generally grow straight up with little side branching unless it is actively pruned. Seeing as this plant is relatively easy to care for, it can also be easily trained to become a bonsai! Just a general warning, these plants are considered poisonous to cats, dogs and babies so be wary when bringing these plants into your household.

The Buddhist pine requires bright, indirect light. If the plant isn’t getting enough light, the lower leaves will become large and elongated. These guys prefer moist, but not soggy soil, so allow the top two inches of the soil to dry before watering again. These plants thrive in typically colder settings so keeping them in between 50-75 degrees is ideal. Like a lot of the plants we have covered, Buddhist pines like some humidity so if your house is typically dry, place them on a tray with water and pebbles in it. Make sure the plant is on top of the pebbles and not in the water. This plant will need to be groomed to maintain any kind of shape. pruning back new growth on the vertical stem will promote new growth and a fuller, bushier plant.

If you would like to add the Buddhist Pine to your collection of plants, you can come on down to Incahoots and pick one up for $4.99 for a 4in pot!

June is Iced Tea Month

If you’ve been over to our website recently, you’ll have noticed a “Tea of the Week” series of informative articles that Katie has been writing. Since June is National Iced Tea Month, I thought you might be interested in one of the best teas to try over ice. Here’s her article:

Snow Monkey Plum is a delicious black tea that makes a beautiful brew. While some people have remarked that this tea has a taste similar to bubblegum, the tea is predominantly plum flavored with no tastes of monkey (or snow).

This tasty smooth-bodied black tea makes a delicious iced beverage which is perfect for the hotter weather ahead. If you would like to try Snow Monkey Plum, you can come on down to Incahoots and we would be happy to brew you a pot for just $2.50, or you can buy it in bulk for $14 per pound!

Come Get Your Tickets

There are many ways we can mark the change of seasons. For me it’s the annual events we are fortunate to help our customers celebrate. Spring isn’t over until we’ve made dozens of prom corsages, wrapped oodles of presentation flower bouquets for spring performances, decorated lecterns for middle school promotions, and inflated bunches of balloons for graduation parties. Only then can summer begin.

And one of the first events of summer is the McMinnville Garden Club’s Annual Garden Tour and Faire, entitled Scattering the Seeds of Kindness which is coming up on Sunday June 24th.

The five Gardens selected for the 2018 tour are enjoyable, charming, and beautiful in their own special ways. Each garden showcases the owner’s vision through the diversity of sizes, landscaping style, and purpose. (And yes, the picture is from one of the gardens you get to tour.)

Tickets are now available here at Incahoots, just $10 per person.

Tea of the Week: Dragonwell

Honored by the Chinese since the Tang Dynasty, Dragonwell has made quite a name for itself which is why its this weeks tea of the week. Also known as Longjing tea, Dragonwell tea is made by hand picking the leaves and roasting in small woks. The tea leaves flat, shiny and green appearance is all because of the precise movements of the tea maker. This tea contains vitamin C, amino acids and has a high concentration of catechins (they act as antioxidants in the body)

The toasty and rich flavor of this tea makes it a favorite of many.  With it’s smooth, vegetal flavor, it is sure to win your heart. If you would like to give Dragonwell a try, you can come on down to Incahoots and we would be happy to brew you a pot, or you can buy it in bulk for $65 per pound!


Plant of the Week: Anthurium

On the Mothers Day edition of plant of the week, you may remember the beautiful anthurium. This plant is so wonderful, I decided that it deserves its very own plant of the week! Native to South America, the anthurium is a genus of over 1000 flowering plants, the largest genus of the Arum family. The heart shaped flower is actually a spathe (a waxy,  modified leaf) flaring out from a fleshy spike where the real, tiny flowers grow.

While anthuriums can tolerate all levels of indirect light, they will do better in levels of high, indirect light. Placing them in direct light can lead to the leaves and flowers burning. Anthuriums do not like continually moist soil, so it is essential that they be placed in a well draining potting medium. Only water when the soil is dry to the touch, as they are susceptible to root rot.

If you would like to pick up an anthurium for your own home, you can come on down to Incahoots and pick one up for $25 in a 6in pot!

The Nose Knows

If you haven’t wandered to the soap and lotion corner of the store in a while, you are missing some amazing new scents of bath bars, bath bombs, lotions and travel candles.

The shelves are bursting with a colorful new line made by Nightingale Soapery. Handcrafted here in McMinnville, these feature swirls of glitter and vibrant hues. Bars of different sizes, with names like “Clean Cotton” and “Dragon’s Blood” are a treat for your senses. Bath bombs are large and packaged perfectly for gift-giving.

We are also pleased to carry products from Wild for Oregon, made by a local artisan in Yamhill. Formerly known as “Something Green,” you will notice that while the packaging has gotten a makeover, the scents are as wonderful as always. All of your favorites are back in stock, including: Lavender, Cedar, Tea Tree & Peppermint, and Patchouli & Sweet Orange. Treat yourself to some today – your nose and your skin will thank you!

We had some Technical Difficulties

We all have our ups and downs – and that includes our mechanical friends. Recently our hardworking espresso machine was blowing off more steam than necessary and needed a ride down to a Eugene repair shop and back up again. The travel time used up a good chunk of 2 days for me and so last week’s email just didn’t happen. Happily, the espresso machine is up for making drinks again and is working better than ever.

The McMinnville Garden Club’s 18th Annual Garden Tour and Faire, entitled Scattering the Seeds of Kindness is coming up on Sunday June 24th. You can get your tickets here at Incahoots now and I’ll share more information about the tour in upcoming emails.

Summer unofficially starts this weekend with the Memorial Day holiday. Incahoots will be closed on both Sunday and Monday, but until then, our fabulous florists with keep the bouquets fresh and the vases ready for your selection.