Sansevieria ‘Black Coral’

Black Coral

This African native goes by many names: bow string hemp, zebra lily, mother-in-law tongue, lucky plant. But perhaps the most common name is snake plant. It’s one of the toughest plants for growing in your home or office, and it puts up with all kinds of neglect, thriving in low light and requiring very little attention.

The Black Coral variety is one of the darkest and tallest of the Sansevierias, growing up to 3’ with narrow upward pointing leaves marked with gray-green wavy bands on a deeper green background. The color is darker, almost black, in lower light levels, and tends to be more pronounced on newer foliage. Its distinct shape makes it unmistakable and a perfect choice for a vertical accent.

Place it in indirect medium to low light and allow to dry between waterings. Plants will benefit from having their leaves wiped down periodically. Snake plants are very sturdy and tend to push out the sides of plastic pots, but be sure to let it become very rootbound before repotting.

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