Amarine tubergrenii belladiva ‘Anastasia’

On the left, the flowers are just about ready to open. On the right, a photo from our grower of the open blooms.

With the bloom spikes just about to open, this plant caught my attention and from the look of it, I assumed that it was one of the Amaryllis that bloom in the fall. I was only half right. This is an intergeneric cross between Amaryllis belladonna and Nerine bowdenii.

The flowers look like a Nerine but are larger with broader petals and held on taller stems to about 2.5 feet. They are hardy in our area and have attractive foliage and a clumping habit. This particular cultivar in the Belladiva series, ‘Anastasia’, has deep glowing pink flowers. The exotic-looking blooms appear in the fall also make great cut flowers. Plant them in full sun in well-drained soil and let dry between waterings.

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