Ice Plants Are Hot

Ice Plants
From top to bottom: Garnet, Amethyst, and Topaz


Enjoy three seasons of neon-bright color from this hardy, sun-loving succulent. Exceptionally drought, heat and humidity tolerant. It forms a lush, evergreen, ground hugging mat, good for mass planting and erosion control in lean, poor soils. It’s perennial, non-invasive, and a great container or rock garden accent.

The amazingly bright, daisy-like flowers (June through October) attract butterflies (and bees, see photo).

These hardy Ice Plants are native to South Africa but are amazingly hardy in North America, provided they are grown in the sun in very well-drained soil.

The Jewel of Desert series grows about 4-6″ tall by 6-12″ wide. Available in 3 jewel colors: Amethyst, Garnet, Topaz

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