Irish Breakfast Tea


With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, our thoughts turn to Ireland and for tea drinkers, that means a cuppa strong Irish Breakfast Tea.

Here are 2 options:

If you like the steeping simplicity of tea bags, Lucky Irish Breakfast is the way to go. This Republic of Tea blend is deep, dark, and delightful. A traditional blend of Assam (India) and high-grown Ceylon (Sri Lanka) leaves. This hearty brew has a malty character, brisk finish and a rich color.

For those who prefer their tea loose, you’ll find Irish Breakfast from Metropolitan Tea in the bulk tea section. This is a stout and robust blend of February Kenya BP1 and 2nd flush Assam. Bright and very full bodied with a superb coppery color.

Concerned about the caffeine level of Irish Breakfast teas? Remember that black tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than a similar-sized cup of coffee. And if enjoyed without milk or sugar, it has zero calories.

Fun Fact:
The people of Ireland drink more tea per capita than any other population on Earth. In fact, your average Irish citizen drinks about 6 cups per day. What’s more, the cups they drink are so strong that you could almost stand a spoon upright in them.

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