Bottle Drive Time

Bottle Drive Sign

The MAC Band has another bottle drive coming up this Saturday, March 14th. Please bring your returnable bottles and cans to the high school any time between 10 a.m. and noon (corner of 17th and Hembree Streets). Your donations go a long way in helping support all the band activities at McMinnville High School. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Bottle Drive Time

  1. Do you know where I can deliver my donation of bottles to the Mac Hi Band? It was canceled the day I went to drop them off. I suppose we have to wait for the end of this virus thing. I am saddened that so many wonderful things for our children have been canceled i.e. proms. championships, graduations, etc.

    Thanks for all you do to make these troubled times better.
    Hermie Kann

    1. Hermina,

      We are still accepting bottles and cans for the MHS Band and you can drop them off here at Incahoots at your convenience.

      Thanks for supporting the band,

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