Raku Pottery – Back in Stock!

I’m happy to report that the crew doing the sewer construction has moved over a couple of blocks and it’s once again easy to get into the Incahoots parking lot. It’s a bit harder to get into the Columbia Bank lot, but that should only last a few days.



One of our favorite new gift lines (and judging by how fast it sells, yours as well) is now back in stock. This Raku pottery is handmade in Jamul California – which, for the geographically curious, is to the east of San Diego.

Each Raku art piece is made by hand and fired in an outdoor kiln to 2000°F. It is pulled from the red hot kiln and plunged into a sand pit with wood chips where the intense heat of the Raku piece causes the wood to spontaneously ignite. The flames create unique colors and the outdoor atmosphere shocks the glaze causing cracks in the finish.

No two pieces are exactly alike, and the new turtles are really adorable.

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