Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Fiddle-leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

Ficus lyrata, more commonly known as fiddle-leaf fig, is native to tropical western and central Africa. In its native habitat, it’s a broadleaf evergreen tree that may grow to 60-100’ tall and 30-60′ wide. When you bring it indoors, it will politely stay in the 2-10′ range. This is one of the most popular houseplants with its large, lyre-shaped, dark green leaves (to 18” long) which resemble the shape of a fiddle. In its native habitat, globular figs (to 1.25” diameter) appear solitary or in pairs on mature trees, but fruit is rarely seen on plants outside of the native habitat.

Its botanical name refers to the lyrate shape of the leaf that suggests the shape of a lyre (and that’s the truth).

This low maintenance plant does great in bright indirect light or part shade with protection from afternoon sun. Water regularly during the growing season and be careful to avoid overwatering.

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