Carnivorous Plants!

Last weekend I went up to a beautiful carnivorous plant nursery with my parents, Janet and Brian (you may know them as the owners of Incahoots), and got to view all of the amazing different carnivorous plants they had for sale. This amazing place is called Sarracenia Northwest, and if you go to their website¬†you can sign up for a time to go visit as well. They had many gorgeous displays of the different types of plants they had, as well as a few very large tillansias which made me very happy. Here’s a little photo gallery of some of the displays and such that we viewed while there:










If you would like to check out our brand new selection of carnivorous plants, they are displayed outside, in front of the garden shed. We would be happy to show you where they are. I hope you come down and look at them, and maybe even take one home with you!

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