Tea of the Week: Saffron Rose

Since this week is our annual Fairy Festival, I have picked a flower tea for this week’s Tea of the Week. Saffron Rose is a newer tea to us, and I actually tried it for the first time yesterday (which is unique in the Tea of the Week, since I grew up at Incahoots and most of the teas I feature I have been drinking my whole life).

Saffron, the world’s most expensive spice, has been used for thousands of years in European, Indian and Persian cuisine. It has a unique sweet-savory flavor and distinct aroma which elevates the flavor of anything it is blended with. This tea is a combination of the saffron flavor and the delicate, floral notes of fresh rose petals.

A fun fact about this specific tea from The Republic of Tea is that “The premium saffron in this tea comes from Rumi Spice, a company founded by former U.S. Army officers who served combat tours in Afghanistan. Sourced from local Afghan farms, they employ 2,000 women to hand-harvest the delicate crimson stigmas of the flowers. Committed to empowering Afghan women and its economy, Rumi reinvests back into agricultural and manufacturing infrastructure.”

Saffron Rose is an herbal tea and is caffeine free. It is delicious as a hot tea as well as iced. I tried it iced yesterday and it was very refreshing and sweet. If you would like, we can brew you a cup here at the store, or you can buy a tin for $16.75.

Hope to see you at the Fairy Festival this week! All the different events are listed on our Facebook if you would like the check it out. Maybe you can try some Saffron Rose while your here!

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