Plant of the Week: Datura

This week I have, thanks to a suggestion by Janet, selected the Datura as this week’s Plant of the Week. Datura, also commonly known as the Devil’s Trumpet, is a genus of nine species of flowering plants. The specific Datura that we carry here at the store is called Ballerina Purple (which is what is pictured in this post).

The Datura plant is native to the Americas, so it grows well here in Oregon. This plant often gets mistaken as its close relative, Brugmansia (or Angel’s Trumpet), however they are different in that the Brugmansia’s blooms point towards the ground whereas the Datura’s blooms point up, towards the sky.

Daturas require full sunlight and moist, rich soil to flourish. Since they are a tropical plant, they thrive in the warmer months and don’t do well in frost and winter. If left by themselves throughout the winter, the plant will most likely die. Most Daturas are hardy perennials, which can become annuals if you take good care of them. They are also resistant to most pests.

One thing to keep in mind if you are considering buying a Datura is that they are poisonous when consumed, so make sure you are keeping your plant somewhere safe from people and animals who may try to eat it. As long as you are safe with it, this plant can be a wonderful addition to your life, and it smells delicious!

We are happy to show you where we keep our Ballerina Purple Deturas here at the store for you to purchase next time you come in.


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