Tea of the Week: Grand Qimen

Since I have picked a few of the more exciting and elaborate teas for the past couple weeks, I figured we should go back to basics with this Tea of the Week. Originating from the Yunnan Province, Grand Qimen (also known as Keemun) is a pure and unblended black tea that is often considered the premier black tea from China. This tea is made from the small leave tips of the tea leaf, and it has a full-bodied and sweet flavor. This tea is delicious both plain, and with a splash of milk of your choosing.

This tasty tea is not only good for your taste buds, but also for your health. Grand Qimen has many benefits due to the caffeine and other chemical components of black tea, such as being energizing, enhancing your memory and helping to eliminate fatigue. Black teas are also known to boost immunity.

If you would like to try some Grand Qimen for yourself you can stop by the store and have us brew you a cup, or buy the leaves for $36 a pound.

Fun Fact!: Grand Qimen is the most widely used black tea in English Breakfast blends.


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