Plant of the Week: Star Jasmine

For this week’s Plant of the Week, I selected Star Jasmine for its delicious scent and versatility. Scientifically known as Trachelospermum Jasminoides, Star Jasmine is actually not a true jasmine, although the flowers are almost identical. Star Jasmine is a vining plant which can be grown on pretty much anything you want to grow it on, hence its versatility.

With supports, Star Jasmine can reach up to 30 feet tall, but can stay at 2 inches for ground cover if that is what you would like. Since it is a twinning vine, you will need to train it and attach it at the start if you wish to grow it tall. Star Jasmine is a pretty hardy plant, as it can survive in temperatures down to 10°F (-12°C), and can adapt well to heat as well as cold.

Care for Star Jasmine is also quite easy. Unless you are training it to grow in a specific way, which you will need to pay attention to and guide, it can do fine with just a weekly water. Like most plants, Star Jasmine will need more frequent water in hotter months, perhaps twice a week instead of weekly, and less frequent watering in the colder months, closer to every two weeks. If you are trying to train it to grow a specific way, the best time to prune is right after flowering. And, just a warning, it does ooze out sap when it is cut. If you would like to check out the beautiful Star Jasmine for yourself, head on down to the store and we would be happy to show you where they are! Hope to see you soon.


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