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The Nose Knows

If you haven’t wandered to the soap and lotion corner of the store in a while, you are missing some amazing new scents of bath bars, bath bombs, lotions and travel candles.

The shelves are bursting with a colorful new line made by Nightingale Soapery. Handcrafted here in McMinnville, these feature swirls of glitter and vibrant hues. Bars of different sizes, with names like “Clean Cotton” and “Dragon’s Blood” are a treat for your senses. Bath bombs are large and packaged perfectly for gift-giving.

We are also pleased to carry products from Wild for Oregon, made by a local artisan in Yamhill. Formerly known as “Something Green,” you will notice that while the packaging has gotten a makeover, the scents are as wonderful as always. All of your favorites are back in stock, including: Lavender, Cedar, Tea Tree & Peppermint, and Patchouli & Sweet Orange. Treat yourself to some today – your nose and your skin will thank you!

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