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Tea of the Week: Dragonwell

Honored by the Chinese since the Tang Dynasty, Dragonwell has made quite a name for itself which is why its this weeks tea of the week. Also known as Longjing tea, Dragonwell tea is made by hand picking the leaves and roasting in small woks. The tea leaves flat, shiny and green appearance is all because of the precise movements of the tea maker. This tea contains vitamin C, amino acids and has a high concentration of catechins (they act as antioxidants in the body)

The toasty and rich flavor of this tea makes it a favorite of many.  With it’s smooth, vegetal flavor, it is sure to win your heart. If you would like to give Dragonwell a try, you can come on down to Incahoots and we would be happy to brew you a pot, or you can buy it in bulk for $65 per pound!


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