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Plant of the Week: Peperomia

As we work our way through the seemingly endless amounts of plants, I thought that the Ripple Peperomia would make the perfect plant of the week! While there are many different varieties of peperomia, we will be focusing on the wonderful ripple peperomia. This low growing plant is native to Brazilian rain forests grows to be around 6-8in tall with similar spread. It has rippled leaves that are so dark, they’re almost a purple color.

Peperomias prefer to be kept around 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and will respond well to being kept under florescent lighting, which makes them perfect for an office desk. Peperomias are particularly susceptible to root rot, so a well drained soil is very important. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy or waterlogged. Watering below the leaves is ideal. Peperomias can be propagated one of two ways, root division or leaf cuttings. If by leaf cutting, trim off a leaf with a small amount of stem, dip in rooting powder and place in moist potting soil in bright indirect light. Cover with a plastic bag and remove occasionally to allow for more air!

If you want to add a Ripple Peperomia to your collection, come on down to Incahoots and you can pick up a 4in pot for $4.99!

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