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Plant of the Week: Hydrangea

Prom season has us over here at Incahoots going wild with flowers practically growing out of our ears, so why not pick the beautiful Hydrangea as this week’s plant of the week! Native to Southeastern Asia and both North and South America, the hydrangea is known for it’s round, almost pom pom like flowers that come in a variety of colors.

When planting hydrangeas outdoors, planting in the early spring or fall is ideal so that they can establish a good root system before summer. Most varieties will do well in part shade to full sun. Water the plant deeply about once a week, unless it is particularly hot and dry, which would require more watering than usual. Indoors, hydrangeas need a lot of light, but need to avoid direct sun. Make sure that your hydrangea does not dry out, but it also doesn’t sit in water, which could cause root rot.

If you would like to try growing your own hydrangea, you can pick one up from Incahoots for $14.99 for a one gallon container!

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