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Come Get Your Tickets

There are many ways we can mark the change of seasons. For me it’s the annual events we are fortunate to help our customers celebrate. Spring isn’t over until we’ve made dozens of prom corsages, wrapped oodles of presentation flower bouquets for spring performances, decorated lecterns for middle school promotions, and inflated bunches of balloons for graduation parties. Only then can summer begin.

And one of the first events of summer is the McMinnville Garden Club’s Annual Garden Tour and Faire, entitled Scattering the Seeds of Kindness which is coming up on Sunday June 24th.

The five Gardens selected for the 2018 tour are enjoyable, charming, and beautiful in their own special ways. Each garden showcases the owner’s vision through the diversity of sizes, landscaping style, and purpose. (And yes, the picture is from one of the gardens you get to tour.)

Tickets are now available here at Incahoots, just $10 per person.

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