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Tea of the Week: Irish Breakfast

It’s been a very busy week here over at Incahoots, and we ran out of time yesterday to write up a tea of the week, but now that we’re caught up again, this week’s tea of the week is organic Irish Breakfast. This malty and robust tea has a strong Assam component. On levels of strength, Irish breakfast is right in the middle out of all of the breakfast teas, with British being the weakest and Scottish being the strongest. This tea is usually paired with milk and sugar (honey is my personal go to), but some do choose to drink it plain or only with sugar.

In Ireland, most people actually consume Irish breakfast throughout the day instead of just at breakfast, making the name a misnomer. In true Irish nature, you can come on down to Incahoots and we would be happy to brew you a pot at any time, or you can purchase it in bulk for $39 per pound!

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