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Plant of the Week: China Doll

Another Thursday means it’s time for another plant of the week, and this week’s plant is the China Doll! Originating from southern China and Taiwan, the China Doll has rapidly become a popular house plant and is very easily obtained. This plant sports shiny, dark green leaves and grows similarly to a tree, but indoors it will remain relatively compact and similar to a shrub. While this plant can be a tad finicky, it’s care is rather simple and makes a great houseplant.

China dolls need lots of bright, indirect light. Around 4-5 hours of this lighting is about how much it should get, and if your windows can’t provide this, you might consider getting grow lights to aid. This plant should be watered only when the top of the soil is dry because they are prone to root rot and can’t sit in water. If the soil prevents proper drainage, placing pebbles at the bottom of the pot might help. They prefer to have temperatures around 65-75 degrees and will not tolerate drafts. Similar to the crotons we talked about a couple weeks ago, China Dolls do not like change. Take caution when moving or repotting the plant (it prefers to stay pot-bound) as it could drop it’s leaves.

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