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Why You Should Get More Plants

unnamed 9 You know that at Incahoots, we love being surrounded by plants. There is more and more scientific evidence supporting the fact that everyone else should be spending time around plants too.

Indoor plants where we live, learn, heal and work have far-reaching positive effects on our well-being and indoor environment, according to a new report from the National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture (NICH).

Scientific research from NASA and others shows that plants clean indoor air, stabilize carbon dioxide and create comfortable ambient air humidity. Plants also boost healing, happiness, and productivity.

The #PlantsDoThat Inside infographic on Where We Live shows:
* Rooms with plants have fewer pollutants like VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
* Plants in our homes increase room humidity by 10%.
* Plants remove up to 90% of formaldehyde in a room.

So unless you’re in the formaldehyde business, why not get yourself a few plants?

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