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Tea of the Week: Royal Phoenix Oolong

I was hoping that we would hold onto the nice sunny break so that I could pick a tea that does really well iced, but alas, the weather does not want to cooperate so this week’s tea is Royal Phoenix Oolong, which is perfect for a rainy day like the one we’re having now! This tea originates from the Phoenix Mountains in Guangdong, China. This tea grows from a single trunk which is unlike it’s more common relatives that grow from multiple.

This specific tea variety is also unique because it’s leaf grows very fast and turns into a full body leaf. This tea has a toasty and fragrant aroma and tastes similar to peaches and nectarines. If you would like a pot, you can come on down to the shop and we will happily brew you one, or you can buy it in bulk for $56 per pound.

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