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Tea of the Week: Hibiscus Ginger

My wishes for warm and sunny weather have come true, so this week’s tea is the delicious hibiscus ginger, that is perfect as an iced tea! This blend of hibiscus petals and dried ginger gives a  lovely sweet but also tart flavor and has a warm, spicy aftertaste. Not only is this tea delicious, it is also caffeine free so you can drink it throughout the day without worrying about not being able to go to sleep at night.

While this tea is delicious hot, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as iced hibiscus, so here’s a simple method to cold brew this (and any other) tea!  To start, you’re going to need some kind of container to house the tea. For this method we are going to use a half gallon jug, but you can use whatever container you so wish. After you fill up the jug with cool, filtered water, add a half an ounce of tea to the water (a general rule is an ounce of tea per every gallon of water). Then you can leave the tea to brew overnight in the fridge, strain and serve the next day! If you aren’t going to serve it all in one day, you may consider straining the tea into another container to prevent over-brewing, but this is less common in iced teas because the cold water does not extract as many tannins from the tea so it wont become bitter. All of this can be bypassed if you don’t want to wait overnight by just brewing it hot and adding a bunch of ice (but that’s not as fun in my opinion).

If you would like to try this beautiful tea, you can come on down to Incahoots and we would love to brew you some, hot or cold, or you can purchase it in bulk for $28 per pound!


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  1. […] For this week, as a continuation of last week’s Plant of the Week, we are featuring our variety of hibiscus teas. We have many different types of hibiscus teas here at Incahoots, ranging from pure hibiscus to wonderful mixes of hibiscus and fruits. Some of the hibiscus teas that are available for your purchase include natural hibiscus, vanilla apple hibiscus, strawberry hibiscus, raspberry rose hibiscus, and blueberry hibiscus. We also sell organic Hibiscus Ginger, which actually has already been featured as a Tea of the Week (which you can read about by clicking here). […]

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