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Plant of the Week: Croton

Since the blooming plants have been receiving so much attention, I decided it was time to give our pretty foliage plants a turn in the spotlight, so this week’s plant of the week is the beautiful croton. Now, crotons do bloom, but only under perfect conditions and they don’t produce what one would usually call a “flower”, it’s actually a lot closer to a puff ball. Crotons are native to Madagascar, where there are over 150 different varieties of croton.

If you’ve read through our plant of the week articles before, you’ll know that we always give you guys the basic care of the plant, but this time I want to start with a disclaimer. Crotons can be temperamental plants, as they really do not like to move. Moving the plant should be avoided unless needed (like a car ride from the store to your house). If after bringing your new addition home it drops some leaves, do not be alarmed, this is totally normal croton behavior just continue with normal care and the plant will spring back. This plant should receive moderate-bright indirect light, so an east or west facing window usually provides enough light for these guys. Croton’s soil should be kept moist due to it’s tropical nature, so when the top of the soil feels dry, it’s time to water again.

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