Scientific name: Pilea
Common name(s):varies according to variety
Origin: wide-spread tropical plants ranging from Vietnam to South America
Family: Urticaceae
Light: medium, indirect light
Watering: medium moisture
Fertilizing: all-purpose mix every 3-4 months
Pileas are easy to care for and easy to keep small by trimming or pinching back occasionally. They are ideal for small dish gardens and terrariums. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and color- patterns.
A.) Pilea cadierei: “aluminum plant”

Image result for Pilea cadierei

B.) Pilea depressa: “creeping Pilea”

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C.) Pilea spruceana: “silver tree”

Image result for Pilea spruceana

D.) Pilea microphylla: “artillery plant”

Image result for Pilea microphylla

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