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FicusHere’s an interesting concept that seems to keep popping up: Plants improve the workplace. There’s even a catchy new term for it “Biophilia.”

Our brains crave a connection to nature, and corporations are beginning to favor plants and green spaces over sterile cubicle environments. According to one article, Amazon put 40,000 plants in its new Seattle headquarters. And Samsung put a garden on every other floor in its San Jose, California, office.

Because the wilderness is our natural habitat, biophilia advocates say, we feel more at ease there than in a sterile office. Research has found that offices outfitted to look more like the natural world lead to happier, healthier and more productive employees. “When you look at a tree, you’re smarter,” explained Daniel Skiffington, a senior associate at NBBJ.

Or to put it another way. “Smart people look at trees.”

We at Incahoots are fortunate to spend our days surrounded by plants, which would explain why we are so smart (or at least smart alecks.)

P.S. We have a new nominee for our crosswalk signal repertoire: “Singin’ in the Rain” – to be used when the weather is appropriate – which in this part of Oregon would be most of the time.

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