Scientific name: Peperomia
Common name(s): vary by variety
Origin: tropical North and South America, Africa
Family: Piperaceae
Light: medium-bright, but protect from intense direct sun
Watering: moderate moisture, avoid soggy soil at all times, let some soil drying occur between waterings
Fertilizing: all purpose every 2-3 months during spring and summer, less if any in fall and winter.
Small semi-succulent plants come in many shapes and colors and make great little house plants. They work great for dish gardens. They do best in a warm place and must not be kept too wet, or they develop stem rot. They are a great choice for the “weekend waterer”.
A few of the many varieties:
A.) Peperomia caperata (emerald ripple) beautiful rosette form and deeply corrugated leaves

B.) Peperomia orba (princess Astrid) a bushy plant with spoon-like leaves

C.) Peperomia scandens ‘Variegata’ (Philodendron peperomia) a creeper, great in hanging baskets

D.) Peperomia obtusifolia (baby rubber plant) leathery leaves with red margins, a variegated version is also found

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