Nematanthus/Hypocyrta (Goldfish Plant)

Scientific name: Nematanthus (usually still sold under the old name of Hypocyrta)

Common name(s): pouch flower, goldfish plant
Origin: Tropical America
Family: Gesneriaceae
Light: bright light for best flowering
Watering: moderately moist soil is best. some surface drying is necessary between watering
Fertilizing: all-purpose every 1-2 months, blossom-booster mix when encouraging flowering.
Unusual shaped flowers usually orange-yellow, appear regularly if given enough light. Makes a great hanging plant, or use in a mixed planter when young, Naturally shiny foliage attracts attention and always looks healthy. Pinch back occasionally to encourage more compact growth. In the fall, it may loose a few leaves, but new leaves quickly replace the old.

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