Hoya (Wax Vine)

Scientific name: Hoya
Common name(s): wax vine
Origin: tropical Asia, Australia
Family: Asclepiadaceae
Light: medium to high
Watering: allow potting mixture to slightly dry out between waterings
Fertilizing: all-purpose mix every 2-3 months, a blossom booster if encouraging blooms
The hoya vine is a beautiful choice for a hanging basket, it can also be trained on a trellis. It’s smooth waxy leaves come in different shapes and color variations. The main attraction though, is the clusters of fragrant star-
shaped flowers. Flowering season is usually summer for hoyas, but they must receive enough light. Also, since new flowers are produced on the growth of last year, avoid undue pruning. Once flower buds are set, avoid moving the plant and after flowers fade, don’t cut them off, but allow them to fall off naturally. Hoyas require no extra care, live through neglect and tolerate dry air.

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