Chamaedorea Elegans ‘Bella’ (Neanthe Bella Palm)

Scientific name: Chamaedorea elegans ‘Bella’
Common name(s): neanthe bella palm, parlor palm, dwarf mountain palm
Origin: Guatemala
Family: Palmae
Light: medium to low, protect from direct sun
Watering: avoid soggy soil, but let just the surface of soil dry between watering
Fertilizing: all purpose mix every 2-3 months
This easy to grow plant has been a favorite for terrariums and home decor since the Victorian era. It is extremely slow growing, but can grow to 4-6 ft tall. Each palm is grown from seeds which are shipped from Guatemala and take about 6 months or more to germinate. ‘Bella’ takes wonderfully to water culture and is very versatile. Warm temperatures are preferred, but it can tolerate temperatures near freezing without damage. Check regularly for red spider mites on the underside of the leaves, and if present rinse the fronds with tepid soapy water.

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