Scientific name: Calathea
Common name(s): varies by species
Origin: under the canopy of the South American rainforest
Family: Marantaceae
Light: medium to high light
Watering: keep soil evenly moist, can handle some surface drying without damage.
Fertilizing: an all purpose mix every 2-3 months
One of the most beautiful groups of plants. Each leaf looks hand painted. There are many varieties available. At night, many of them fold their leaves upward, then re-open in the light of the morning. They may need to be kept on a humidity tray to ensure good health. This plant is sure to be noticed, place it where it’s beautiful foliage can be enjoyed regularly. They are better houseplants than their exquisite beauty might suggest.
A.) Calathea makoyana (peacock plant, stained glass): Compact slow-growing to 2 ft. tall
B.) Calathea roseo-picta (rosy calathea): Low-growing plant with large round leaves
C.) Calathea picturata: Similar in shape and size to roseo-picta, but lighter leaves
There are many more varieties….

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