Anthurium (Wax Flower)

Scientific name: Anthurium
Common name(s): flamingo flower, little boy plant, tail flower, oilcloth flower, wax flower, hoja de corazon
Origin: tropical South and North American jungles
Family: Araceae
Light: medium light for growth, high light for flowering
Watering: moderate even moisture, let soil dry slightly between watering
Fertilizing: all purpose mix every 3 months, a blossom booster can be used when encouraging blooms
This beautiful exotic flowering plant is sure to attract attention. The plant itself makes a great decorator plant when not in bloom and withstands lower light levels and some neglect as well. The large waxy flowers appear throughout the year and each bloom lasts for several weeks. Most familiar is the red-flowered Anthurium, but also occasionally available are shades of pink, white, and orange. It’s natural epiphytic nature makes it suitable for mounting on rocks or bark.

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