Aloe Vera

Scientific name: Aloe vera
Common name(s): aloe, medicine plant, bitter aloe, first-aid plant, Barbados aloe
Origin: Cape Verde, Canary Islands
Family: Liliaceae
Light: bright
Watering: keep soil on dry side. Water throughly, then allow soil to dry completely before next watering
Fertilizing: cactus and succulent blend of fertilizer every 2-3 months
Aloes are sun-lovers and do wonderfully outdoors in the summertime, but also make excellent houseplants. They need only a minimum of care and as much light as possible. They are prized for their medicinal uses; Their juicy pulp soothes and moisturizes sunburned skin. There is a smaller leaved variety native to India, Vietnam, and Taiwan (Aloe vera chinensis).

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