Adiantum (Maidenhair Varieties)

Scientific name: Adiantum
Common name(s): maidenhair varieties
Origin: varies by species, often moist wooded areas near waterfalls or springs
Family: Filices
Light: mediumWatering: keep soil moist, avoid sogginess, but do not allow soil to completely dry out.

Fertilizing: all-purpose mix every 2 months in spring and summer every 3 months in fall and winter
These dainty, shade loving ferns come in many different varieties most of them with fine wiry black stems. It is this trait that gives them their common name of “maiden hair” because the stems were thought to resemble shiny strands of hair. The Latin name “Adiantum” means “unwetted” and refers to the unusual way water will bead up on the fronds of this fern.

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