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I’m not usually one to take those online surveys that determine the answers to life’s important questions such as, “What animal would you be?” or “Are you a Slytherin or Hufflepuff?” But I did try out the new personality quiz from Bailey Nurseries (no relation). Supposedly it will help you “find your yardening style.” (Yardening, as they define it, is “The modern homeowner. Obsessed with curb appeal and not particularly interested in classic ‘gardening’. Enjoys mowing the lawn on weekends and easy-care plants that are low on maintenance but big on looks.”)

My yardening personality is pretty much what I would have guessed and since I was the one answering the questions, that really isn’t surprising. They do make it sound rather poetic though:

“You like a garden that’s as free as your spirit. The freeform beauty of your yard is a celebration of life, with a natural balance of order and chaos…”. Which loosely translates to: “You tend let things grow wild and prune them only when you can’t get your car in the driveway.”

You can find the quiz HERE, but be warned that you’ll have to submit an email address before they tell you the answer.

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