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Tangleboxing Adventures

Last Sunday, we spent a fun afternoon visiting many of our local parks with Tanglebox Passport in hand. We hadn’t really planned on going, but the weather was nice so we made a quick picnic dinner and set off. I’m please to report that we successfully (eventually) found the Tangleboxes in each of the parks we stopped at.

I’m sure it isn’t easy to come up with new places to hide the Tangleboxes every year and it’s most certainly harder to write the clues. But if you’ve done this before, you have likely figured out that some of the clues can be interpreted in different ways. A little persistence and head scratching will pay off in the end.

In past years there have been occasions when some ne’er-do-well thought it would be a hoot-and-a-half to relocate a tanglebox so as to make it unfindable. Not such a big deal if the park is just a few blocks from home, but if it’s a half-hour drive away, that can get rather annoying. So here’s a helpful hint: Check the Yamhill County Parks Department’s Facebook page for updates. If a box is missing, someone is sure to report it there. And if it really isn’t missing, that will get reported as well.

Let me know if you figure out which park has the pink Lupines pictured above.


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