Fairy Festival Upcoming

The Incahoots Fairy Festival will be returning again this August with Fairy Fun for Everyone. We’re still finishing up the details, and will be sharing more information in an upcoming email. But for now, save the dates of August 9-12, add some fresh glitter to your parade shoes and get your Fairy Garden planted.

Book Sale!

It’s time for summer reading and if you need books, check out this deal.

Selected Books – 50% off!

We’ve scoured the shelves and compiled a pile of books that need to go. And since you are a loyal Incahoots email reader, we wanted you to be the first to know about this sale. Choose from a variety of subjects: gardening, cooking, nature, how-to, books for kids and lots more. Sale starts Thursday, July 6th.

New Iced Teas!

When you’re going to make iced tea, you might as well make it by the quart. These 3 delicious new iced teas are designed to do just that. Each tin contains eight large, unbleached tea pouches that are perfectly portioned for making it easy to brew healthy, premium iced tea at home.
*After you’ve steeped the tea, add the used pouches to compost or soil – they’ll make your garden happy too.

Organic Strawberry Basil Green Tea
This organic, farmers’ market-inspired iced green tea combines sun-ripened strawberries and fresh basil. Basil provides an herbal accent to subtly sweet berries for a sophisticated summer sip.

Ginger Peach Black Tea
This tea offers the lushness of a juicy peach seasoned with the tingle of spicy ginger. This fresh and flavorful iced tea will make your head wiggle with delight.

Hibiscus Sangria Herbal Tea
Inspired by the traditional Spanish sangria, this delightful caffeine-free herbal blend infuses tangy, premium Nigerian hibiscus flowers with a bounty of fruit. Add ice and fresh, sliced fruit to create a ruby-hued, full-bodied refresher that will please any crowd.

Garden Plant Sale!

In contrast to last weekend, the weather this week is perfect for planting and you still have a little time left to take advantage of our Garden Plant Sale. Thursday, the 29th is the last day to save 30% off the regular prices.

Tangleboxing Adventures

Last Sunday, we spent a fun afternoon visiting many of our local parks with Tanglebox Passport in hand. We hadn’t really planned on going, but the weather was nice so we made a quick picnic dinner and set off. I’m please to report that we successfully (eventually) found the Tangleboxes in each of the parks we stopped at.

I’m sure it isn’t easy to come up with new places to hide the Tangleboxes every year and it’s most certainly harder to write the clues. But if you’ve done this before, you have likely figured out that some of the clues can be interpreted in different ways. A little persistence and head scratching will pay off in the end.

In past years there have been occasions when some ne’er-do-well thought it would be a hoot-and-a-half to relocate a tanglebox so as to make it unfindable. Not such a big deal if the park is just a few blocks from home, but if it’s a half-hour drive away, that can get rather annoying. So here’s a helpful hint: Check the Yamhill County Parks Department’s Facebook page for updates. If a box is missing, someone is sure to report it there. And if it really isn’t missing, that will get reported as well.

Let me know if you figure out which park has the pink Lupines pictured above.


Planting Day

The second of our Kids’ Planting Days is drawing near.

On Saturday, June 17th bring your budding gardeners by anytime between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to create a potted garden. We’ll provide the container, plants, soil, instructions and advice – and take care of the cleaning up. Cost is just $8 per container.


I’m not usually one to take those online surveys that determine the answers to life’s important questions such as, “What animal would you be?” or “Are you a Slytherin or Hufflepuff?” But I did try out the new personality quiz from Bailey Nurseries (no relation). Supposedly it will help you “find your yardening style.” (Yardening, as they define it, is “The modern homeowner. Obsessed with curb appeal and not particularly interested in classic ‘gardening’. Enjoys mowing the lawn on weekends and easy-care plants that are low on maintenance but big on looks.”)

My yardening personality is pretty much what I would have guessed and since I was the one answering the questions, that really isn’t surprising. They do make it sound rather poetic though:

“You like a garden that’s as free as your spirit. The freeform beauty of your yard is a celebration of life, with a natural balance of order and chaos…”. Which loosely translates to: “You tend let things grow wild and prune them only when you can’t get your car in the driveway.”

You can find the quiz HERE, but be warned that you’ll have to submit an email address before they tell you the answer.

McMinnville Garden Club’s 17th Annual Tour and Faire

This year’s Garden Tour is coming up on Sunday, June 25th. The five gardens selected for the tour are each enjoyable and gorgeous in their own special way. The variety of sizes, landscaping features and purposes will delight with their individuality and unique characteristics.

The gardens will be open for viewing from 10 am to 4 pm. Tickets are $10 each and are available here at Incahoots.

For more information, see the Garden Club’s website at:
McMinnville Garden Club