Tea of the Week: Monks Blend

Another week has come upon us which means it’s time for yet another tea and this week’s tea of the week is Monks Blend! Originating from Sri Lanka, this delicious black tea has been infused with grenadine and vanilla makes for a lovely treat any time of the day. This tea is sweet and tasty with a touch of dryness and a subtle bouquet.


If you want to give Monks Blend a try, you can come on down to Incahoots and we would be happy to brew you a pot or you can purchase it in bulk for $32.50 per pound!

Plant of the Week: China Doll

Another Thursday means it’s time for another plant of the week, and this week’s plant is the China Doll! Originating from southern China and Taiwan, the China Doll has rapidly become a popular house plant and is very easily obtained. This plant sports shiny, dark green leaves and grows similarly to a tree, but indoors it will remain relatively compact and similar to a shrub. While this plant can be a tad finicky, it’s care is rather simple and makes a great houseplant.

China dolls need lots of bright, indirect light. Around 4-5 hours of this lighting is about how much it should get, and if your windows can’t provide this, you might consider getting grow lights to aid. This plant should be watered only when the top of the soil is dry because they are prone to root rot and can’t sit in water. If the soil prevents proper drainage, placing pebbles at the bottom of the pot might help. They prefer to have temperatures around 65-75 degrees and will not tolerate drafts. Similar to the crotons we talked about a couple weeks ago, China Dolls do not like change. Take caution when moving or repotting the plant (it prefers to stay pot-bound) as it could drop it’s leaves.

If you want to bring the lovely China Doll into your household, you can come on by Incahoots and pick one up for $4.99 for a 4in pot!

Pet Collar Charms

New in the shop is a way to add a touch of love to your furry friend’s collar. Linked to sturdy silver clasps, these heart-shaped crystal pendants feature either Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, Obsidian, Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine. To read more about these charming pet accessories, head over to www.crystalpetlove.com. To purchase these charming pet accessories, head to Incahoots where you can see them in person and you won’t have to pay shipping.

fun New Opportunity for Kids!


unnamed 9 We have a Kids’ Planting Day is coming up on Saturday, May 12th (more info next time) and coincidentally I just ran across this program that was developed to promote horticulture, but specifically to target children who may not be considering horticulture as a career path.

The Seed Your Future project has now begun its first major initiative called Bloom! Through eye-catching content delivered inside and outside of the classroom, BLOOM! is educating and exciting young people and their families on the endless possibilities in horticulture and introducing them to a lifelong passion and maybe even a career.

On the campaign website, WeAreBLOOM.org, youth can explore the world of plants through an interactive quiz, social media content, infographics and video profiles of people working in the horticulture field today; teachers and youth program leaders can access educational tools and resources on the BLOOM! Scholastic website; and parents and partners can find resources to talk to young people about the world of plants and spread the word about BLOOM!

You can help carry the important message of this campaign by sharing BLOOM! resources with your colleagues, family, friends and—in particular—the youth in your life. For more information, visit WeAreBLOOM.org.

Tea of the Week: Peppermint

Spring is in full swing, which means that the beautiful plants and trees that make the Willamette Valley pretty are finally in bloom. While these plants are gorgeous, if you’re anything like me, they also send you allergies haywire so this week’s tea of the week is Peppermint! Peppermint tea is one of those teas that is good for everything. When it comes to sinus congestion, peppermint naturally contains menthol which acts as a natural decongestant. Peppermint is also an antispasmodic, which means that it can calm your stomach and reduce nausea and stomach pain. Peppermint tea is also good at eliminating bad breath.

If you would like to give our peppermint tea a try, you can head on down to Incahoots and we would be happy to brew you a pot, or you can buy it in bulk for $22 per pound!


Plant of the Week: Polka Dot Plant

The Polka Dot plant is a wonderful pop of color into any household and is this week’s Plant of the Week. Originating from Madagascar, this extremely hybridized plant is sure to be an attention grabber anywhere it’s placed! For years this plant was miscategorized until it was finally placed in the Hypthoestes group with over 100 different plants. In their native habitat, they can grow up to three feet tall, but the pot grown variations will usually be much smaller. The polka dot plants that we carry here at Incahoots are part of the splash series which comes in red, rose, pink and white.

These plants will give you the best color in a bright, indirect lighting situation, as darker areas may result in the leaves turning solid green (which kind of defeats the purpose to me at least). The soil of the plant should be kept moist but not soggy in the summer growing season and when winter rolls around you can lessen the water levels. If the plant goes dormant, water can be reduced significantly, resuming regular watering only when new growth emerges. During the growing season, this plant can be given fertilizer monthly.

If you would like to give growing a Polka Dot plant a try, you can head on over to Incahoots and pick one up for $4.99 for a 4in pot!

A Colorful Summer Ahead

The window will soon be closing on your chance to save a whopping 33% on full flats of locally grown annuals – these are the plants that produce flowers all summer long. The usual price for a full flat is $29.94, but if you order now, they can be yours for just $20.00!

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Orders for the Plants by the Flat Sale are due by this Saturday, April 21st.

Your flats will be available to pick up at the end of next week.

It’s the Little Things

One thing that keeps life so interesting is that you never know what a day will bring.

We pulled in to the back parking lot the other morning and were greeted by this intriguing display of Cairns (aka – stacks of stones). For millennia, Cairns have been created all over the world, quite often they are used to mark trails. But this is the first instance I’m aware of where anyone may have needed guidance traversing our parking lot.

The someone or someones did quite a neat job with the stacks and we’re not sure whether to attribute them to humans, elves, or the resident 9th Street squirrel. But like most environmental art, it was only temporary and the stones have been returned to their more stable positions.

Tea of the Week: Irish Breakfast

It’s been a very busy week here over at Incahoots, and we ran out of time yesterday to write up a tea of the week, but now that we’re caught up again, this week’s tea of the week is organic Irish Breakfast. This malty and robust tea has a strong Assam component. On levels of strength, Irish breakfast is right in the middle out of all of the breakfast teas, with British being the weakest and Scottish being the strongest. This tea is usually paired with milk and sugar (honey is my personal go to), but some do choose to drink it plain or only with sugar.

In Ireland, most people actually consume Irish breakfast throughout the day instead of just at breakfast, making the name a misnomer. In true Irish nature, you can come on down to Incahoots and we would be happy to brew you a pot at any time, or you can purchase it in bulk for $39 per pound!

Plant of the Week: Birds Nest Fern

The sudden return of cold and rainy weather seems to have also brought along the illnesses commonly associated with it, which is why plant of the week is coming to you guys two days late. Seeing as the near constant gloomy weather in Oregon tends to make the house darker, this week’s plant of the week is the low light loving Birds Nest Fern! When you think of a fern, you probably envision the feathery, airy fronds, but this fern defies all preconceived notions of what ferns look like. Birds nest ferns get their name because the center of the plant resembles a (you guessed it) birds nest. This is accompanied by it’s beautiful wavy leaves and a striking resemblance to seaweed.

Birds nests do well in medium-low, indirect light. The amount of light the plant receives will actually effect how crinkly the leaves turn out. A birds nest that receives more light will have crinklier leaves than one that receives less light, but be aware that too much light will cause the leaves to yellow and die. Like other ferns, ideal conditions would mean that the fern will have moist, but not wet soil but birds nests can actually tolerate soil that dries out from time to time. It also doesn’t need high humidity levels, unlike other ferns, which makes it a pretty forgiving houseplant. Another fun trait for this plant is that in the wild, it is considered an epiphyte, which means that it usually grows off of the sides of things and clings to the host, similar to stag horn ferns and orchids. When you purchase a birds nest fern, it will typically come potted in a plant medium, but it can be affixed to plants and hung on walls!

Now that you know how to care for a Birds Nest Fern, consider picking one up for your own house. You can swing on by Incahoots and pick one up at $9.99 for a 4in or $19.99 for a 6in!