If You’re Easily Amused…

HelleboreIf, like me, you are easily entertained, here’s a fun thing to do the next time you’re out walking the streets of McMinnville:

Stroll on over to the new crosswalk signal at 5th and Adams. Press the button 3 times and sing along as it plays the beginning of the Dreidel Song. Next, continue on down to 2nd and Adams. If you stand on the corner between the walk signals, it sounds just like you are in the middle of a Pong game – Beep…boop…beep…boop…..
And then when you press the arrow button, a stern voice will say “Wait” which you should if you value your life. Then when the signal changes it says “Step” and that is your cue to get a move on. Of course, once you get out into the crosswalk, it continues giving more instructions but don’t stop to listen.

(All this new crosswalk technology is pretty cool, but what I’d really like to hear is more variety. Perhaps they could program a random playlist of “Step in Time” from Mary Poppins or “Do the Hustle” by Van McCoy or my personal favorite “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles.)

And finally, continue walking until you come to 9th and Baker where you can rest and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Check out this week’s featured tea (profiled on our website) by clicking here.

New Ideas for Your Decor


Turn your favorite empty bottles into vintage-inspired candle holders. New in the shop are these ingenious flower-shaped holders that can sit easily in the neck of any olive oil, wine or other glass vessel thanks to its attached cork stopper. With a rustic metal finish, these are perfect for your favorite tapers and will be the envy of your next dinner party guests.

Also new this month, you will notice some fresh wall art including botanical prints on both canvas and metal, gardening signs made of wood or tin, and artisan pieces made of cotton and vintage kantha materials (woven and in macrame styles). Treat your eyes and your walls to some new decor for spring today.

Gynura Sarmentosa (Purple Passion Vine)

Scientific name: Gynura sarmentosa
Common name(s): purple passion, purple velvet vine
Origin: Southeast Asia
Family: Composite
Light: medium to high light will keep the plant’s coloring bright.
Watering: keep soil moderately moist. Allow soil surface to dry out between watering.
Fertilizing all-purpose mix monthly during active growth, otherwise, feed every 2 months.
Glistening purple hairs cover the leaves of this vine, giving it a velvety texture and it beautiful coloring. This rapid growing vine can grows three feet long of more, but is easily kept trimmed back. It can produce yellow dandelion-like blooms, but because of their unpleasant odor, it is best to clip them off before they open.

Image result for Gynura Sarmentosa

Honey for Tea

TeaHoneyWe are pleased to introduce an exciting new product from Republic of Tea! These jars of honey are made especially for tea lovers and are available in three delicious flavors: Lemon Creme, Vanilla Bean and Chai Spice. Crafted with Grade A premium white honey and natural spices, enjoy these swirled in your favorite steaming brew, or add decadence to scones or shortbread. Rumors are afloat that it’s pretty tasty on toast and in oatmeal as well.

Also new in the shop for your tea drinking (and gifting) pleasure, you can find beautiful honey pots adorned with lavender flowers and the truism: “There is always time for tea with my honey.”

50k at 50



How far do you think a teacher will go to support their students? If it’s the

McMinnville High School Band Director, then the answer is 50 kilometers (which translates to 31 miles or 125 times around the track).

This Saturday, Dave Barton (that’s him in the photo) will be running 50K as a fundrasier for the High School Band program. We are big supporters of music in the schools and will be there to cheer him on.

If you would like to help support this great cause, simply visit the Mac Band website and make a donation. Just like on the radio, you choose the amount that’s right for you.

Featuring A Local Artist’s Work

Creating art from her cabin in Bend, Oregon, Katie Daisy has established herself as a whimsical wildflower artist who strives to share simple joys and the beauty of nature with others. You will find her work on several items throughout our shop, including greeting cards & boxed notes, specially wrapped soaps in “Willow” & “Morning Sun” scents, as well as rolls of garden-inspired wrapping paper.

Silent Auction

If you’d like to help a good cause, check out the McMinnville High School Marching Band’s Silent Auction. At local businesses along 3rd street and here at Incahoots, you’ll find a bright yellow sign in the window and a special item that’s being auctioned to help the band raise much needed funds.

On Wednesday morning, Janet & I took a walk down 3rd to check out the items up for bid. Here’s what you’ll find.

The Vortex: Turntable – current bid $147

Third Street Books: Books and book bag – current bid $25

McMinnville Antiques Mall: Rag Quilt Kit and Bilingual Talk Tablet – current bid $10

Third Street Oil & Vinegar: Gift Basket – current bid $37

Timmreck & McNichol Jewelers: Sterling Silver Bracelet – current bid $123

Inner Oasis: Kitchen Gift Basket – minimum bid $50

Jack of All Beads: Turquoise Necklace – minimum bid $12

Incahoots: Fairy Garden – current bid $50

Many of these items are still considerably below retail value, so check them out and maybe score a great buy for yourself.

Do you have a toddler in your life or are you on the lookout for a unique gift for one?
Look no further! Story Time Knee Socks are here, and they raise the bar of “adorable” to a ridiculous new level. With non-skid soles and themes like pirate, rainbow unicorn, alien monsters, red riding hood, dragon knight, frog princess, cowgirl & mermaid — there are oodles of fun stories just waiting for young imaginations and toes to enjoy.. ~AH

Annual Fairy Festival

It’s Fairy celebration time again at Incahoots.

Fairy Gardens are being brought in for the Fairy Garden Contest. Some amazing creations, as always. (Be sure to bring yours in by the close of business [5:30 p.m.on Thursday – voting starts Friday morning!)

The always popular Fairy Tea Parties are filling up quickly (Call 503-472-4923 to check availability and make reservations for your little ones.)

And the Fairy Parade will be stepping off at noon on Saturday. This year it includes stops at both Hopscotch and the Mac Library (wonderful places to visit even when you’re not part of a parade.)

75% Off Books!

Our book sale continues, with many titles left at 75% off! Make sure to stop by and take advantage of this great deal.