Annual Plants By The Flat Sale

Our annual Plants by the Flat Sale is kicking into high gear. This is your chance to get full flats of fresh-from-the-grower annuals that will brighten up your garden and make the neighbors jealous all summer long.

The information you need (with pictures) to decide on the best plants for your garden is now right here on our website. A couple of new sorting options have just been installed to make it easier to browse through the selection of over 100 choices. While you’re there, you can also place an order.

Already know what you want? Click here for the printable PDF form, fill in how many you need of each and return the form to Incahoots by whatever method you prefer.

Your flats will be available to pick up and plant at the end of April.

Prayer Flags from Touch the Earth

“Handmade in Oregon by old hippies,” declares the card attached to each prayer flag made by Touch the Earth. These double-sided flags are lovingly crafted with beautiful designs and heartfelt prayers for healing, hand printed on organic silk and hung between brass bells. The messages are designed to blow in the wind and, as the Tibetan Buddhists say, carry our compassion to the four directions. Each flag is accompanied with a story from the artist who explains her inspiration and intention with each design.

NEW, old, witty and wise – all at the same time

It’s not unusual to hear customers chuckling in the back of the store while browsing the spinning racks of Shannon Martin greetings. Her humor and use of vintage photographs makes for a winning combination in cards, and are now featured on magnets as well. Perfect for mailing to a friend in need of a laugh, or giving yourself a chuckle every time you pass the fridge. Grab a handful of your favorites next time you are in the shop.

Annual Plants By the Flat Sale!

Imagine it’s a warm summer day, the birds are chirping, a gentle breeze is blowing, and you’re out strolling through the garden enjoying the endless display of colorful flowers you planted with your own hands. All it took was a little time in the spring, a few flats of annuals and the blooms just keep on coming.

April is almost here and that means it time for our annual Plants by the Flat Sale. This is your chance to get full flats of fresh-from-the-grower annuals that will brighten up your garden all summer long.

You’ll find all the information you need (with pictures) to decide on the best plants for your garden right here on our website. While you’re there, you can easily place your order.

Or, if you are a seasoned gardener who knows exactly what you want, click here for the printable PDF form. You can quickly fill in how many you need of each and drop off the form at Incahoots. (You can also email the form to, fax it to 1-503-434-1313, or call 503-472-4923).

Your plants will be available to pick up at the end of April.

Any Bunny can find Easter basket goodies here!

EasterIt’s punny because it’s true. Pictured here are a few ideas sure to bring Sunday morning smiles. In a hurry or feeling basket-challenged? Call ahead and we will build a personalized basket for you!

Fun for kids of all ages, new critter-themed sticker rolls and activity books in quirky shapes can now be found in the back of the store. Perfect for long car rides (or sitting on the sideline during big sister’s soccer game), the selection is sure to please any pirate/princess/dinosaur/furry animal fan in your life.

Why You Should Get More Plants

unnamed 9 You know that at Incahoots, we love being surrounded by plants. There is more and more scientific evidence supporting the fact that everyone else should be spending time around plants too.

Indoor plants where we live, learn, heal and work have far-reaching positive effects on our well-being and indoor environment, according to a new report from the National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture (NICH).

Scientific research from NASA and others shows that plants clean indoor air, stabilize carbon dioxide and create comfortable ambient air humidity. Plants also boost healing, happiness, and productivity.

The #PlantsDoThat Inside infographic on Where We Live shows:
* Rooms with plants have fewer pollutants like VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
* Plants in our homes increase room humidity by 10%.
* Plants remove up to 90% of formaldehyde in a room.

So unless you’re in the formaldehyde business, why not get yourself a few plants?

So Many Soap Dishes


Dreaming of a bathroom remodel, but restricted to a new soap dish kind of budget?

Do not despair; Incahoots is here for you. Whether your tastes lean toward glass and metal or colorful enamel, or even ceramic with a bird on top, treat yourself to a fun new design element to spruce up your counter today. Combine one of these cute dishes with a fresh candle, relaxing bath bomb, new lotion, your favorite flavor of tea, and a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, and we become a one stop shop for your next spa day.

You’re welcome!

Spring Is Nearly Upon Us!


I hope you’ve had some time to get out in the garden recently. Last Sunday was such a perfect day to be out doing a bit of pruning, weeding and mulching – we even fired up the electric mower and gave the grass a quick once over. On the first nice gardening day it’s easy to overdo it and it’s a good thing we had other things to take care of or we would have been really sore on Monday.

Spring is now less than a week away and that means it’s time to get out and put some veggies in. Fresh arrivals in the garden department this week include tray packs of Lettuce, Snow Peas, Kale, Spinach, and Cabbage. All these veggies are USDA organic.

If You Need Something To Do Next Tuesday

If you’re in the mood for a tasty meal and some tasty Jazz, come on down to McMenamins on Tuesday, March 13th. As a special fundraiser for music education in our schools, McMenamins will be donating 50% of the evenings’ proceeds to the Mac Band. This event runs from 5:00 p.m. until close with the McMinnville High School Jazz Band performing at 7:00 p.m.This group consists of 20 of the most talented young musicians around. You’re in for a real treat!

So bring everyone you know out for burgers, drinks, salads, tater tots, and help support this great cause. I hope to see you there!

Cards That Are More Than Just Paper and Ink

For those extra-special occasions when you really want to make a scene, Incahoots now carries a fun selection of Pop & Slot 3D Cards. The flat-packed sets contain all the parts to punch-out and easily build your very own 3D creations, with illustrations that will make both the sender and receiver smile.

You can send a petite potted succulent in sturdy paper form, create a volcanic dinosaur village to celebrate a child’s birthday, or even construct a dreamy fairy tale swan lake scene.

Each set contains a matching Greeting Card for your message, as well as a large envelope that holds the whole set for easy mailing. Our Pop & Slot 3D Occasion Cards truly make for an unexpected treat in the post! They make for fun cake toppers, brilliant table decorations and beyond!